Outstanding Achievement Award for Weapons Safety: 628th Air Base Wing
Joint Base Charleston, SC


The 628th Air Base Wing (ABW) Safety Office, Joint Base Charleston, SC, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Weapons Safety by exhibiting extraordinary accomplishments in risk management and safety awareness. The team consists of Mr. Francisco Endaya, Chief of Weapons Safety; Mr. Justin Taylor, Explosives Safety Specialist; TSgt Philip Medina, Explosives Safety Specialist; and Mr. Lance Frasier, Explosives Safety Specialist.

The 628 ABW Safety Office governed 239 Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board approved site plans, which empowered success for their multi-service air, water, road, and rail missions involving arms, ammunition, equipment, and explosive assets. They supported the President’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative involving Department of Energy seaport operations and safely secured 200 thousand pounds of nuclear equipment and 62.9 kilograms of Low Enriched Uranium. Their efforts enabled Army, Navy, and Coast Guard maritime port operations, which buoyed safety involving 119 rail movements carrying 6.3 million pounds of ammunition and 35 ships hauling 460 thousand tons of cargo. They oversaw the United States Naval Ship Sacagawea download of 1 million pounds of explosives, which enabled international preposition ship missions, with zero mishaps reported during the operation. Furthermore, they wrote Joint Base Charleston explosive instruction 91-201 for Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force units, which defines explosive processes and enables joint operation success.

The outstanding individuals in the 628 ABW Safety Office each brought unique skills and when combined, excelled in supporting 67 tenant organizations and 309 explosives locations, with assets valued at $7.8 billion.