A Civil Unrest Personal Safety Checklist


Civil unrest can happen anywhere. Regardless of stances on civil unrest, most people can agree on the importance of personal safety when navigating precarious situations. Preparing for various scenarios that you may encounter can help you navigate out of harm’s way. The following are a few ways to stay safe when civil disorder occurs.

To avoid being caught in an unexpected situation:

  • Use the news for more than background noise.
    • The news plays a vital role in helping you stay aware of current events. Collect information from multiple news sources to ensure a greater exposure to outside happenings.1
  • Note in advance the importance of staying calm.
    • Try your best to stay calm in any scenario you encounter. The situation may be overwhelming, but panicking can only make it worse. Being calm will allow you to strategize your next move safely.
  • Always have more than one plan.
    • Although cliché, it truly is essential to have a “Plan B.” When plans backfire, those without contingency plans often feel regretful for their lack of forethought. Account for all possible outcomes and envision how you would successfully navigate each one.

These rules of thumb are helpful in any situation. If you know ahead of time where you will be when civil unrest occurs, however, please note the specific safety qualifications for the location and follow a more detailed preparation approach. Whether you are traveling outside your home or staying in, creating a safe plan of action is always crucial.

If you plan on traveling outside your regional location when a dangerous situation arises:

  • Avoid standing out.
    • Blending into the crowd can significantly increase your security.2
  • If necessary, take cover and hide.
    • Being unseen increases the possibility of achieving a safe outcome. Stay on guard, however, in the event that self-defense becomes necessary.3
  • Avoid fences and walls.4
    • When reaching safety in a large crowd, it is critical to avoid areas where you can be trapped—specifically fences or walls, where injury or death can more likely occur. Research the areas that may have security structures in advance and lay out optional routes.
  • Keep essential supplies with you.
    • Before you go out, make sure to bring keys, a wallet with identification, and any items that could be used as a means of protection.

If dangerous situations are occurring outside your home:

  • Secure your home.
    • If you plan on staying at home, make sure to secure it by keeping doors locked and windows shut. Designate a safe room to stay in if civil disorder poses a threat.
  • Stay inside.
    • Avoid going outside your home, if possible.
  • Assess the situation.
    • If any glass windows in your home are broken, or your smoke alarm is sounding, your home may no longer be a safe place to stay.5 Plan escape routes in advance, and have a safe secondary location to seek refuge.

This checklist will likely help you be safe if danger arises during civil unrest. Keeping these tips in mind can help you quickly make smart decisions.

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