What Makes You Tick?

By MR. ANTHONY MCKEE, AMC Occupational Safety

Every year, Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the start of Air Mobility Command (AMC)’s Critical Days of Summer safety campaign, which runs through Labor Day weekend. During this period, we typically see an increase in travel and leisure activities. Historically, there has been an uptick in accidents and injuries during the summer as a result.

This year’s theme for AMC’s Critical Days of Summer is “What Makes You Tick?” As we roll into the critical days of summer, consider this question. Whatever it is you enjoy doing— whether it is traveling, participating in water activities, attending sporting events, or barbecuing with friends and family—take a few seconds to identify, assess, and mitigate all the risks associated with those activities. Take an extra couple of seconds for trip planning to ensure that you have enough rest and preparation for any incidents that may arise, avoid alcohol while driving or participating in sporting activities, and make sure to use appropriate protective gear.

Last year during this period, AMC lost an Airman to a motorcycle accident, and two other members suffered significant injuries from firearm incidents. Those mishaps could have been prevented if the participants had taken the time to apply personal risk management. Every day, we go out and do activities we have done hundreds of times in the past—without issues. We cannot let our guard down; sometimes it takes just one minute to prevent a routine task from turning into a cascade of not-so-routine events.

Like this past year, this summer will undoubtedly be different because of COVID-19. We have been inside, and we are all eager to start summertime activities. Do not rush and let distractions cloud your judgment. While you and your family are making the most of the opportunities you have to enjoy the summer, taking the time to incorporate risk management into your off-duty leisure activities is important. Remember to make sound decisions, and enjoy this summer doing whatever it is that makes you tick.