2021 Critical Days of Summer Wrap-Up


After spending time with our friends and families this past Labor Day weekend, autumn and winter are upon us as the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. This change of season also marks the conclusion of the Critical Days of Summer (CDS) safety awareness campaign. The purpose of the CDS campaign was to encourage everyone to enjoy those warm summer days safely. We focus particular attention on the summer season because we see an increase in accidents and incidents during those months. Air Mobility Command (AMC) continues to promote the CDS every year to highlight the need for safety awareness and areas of increased risk to our Airmen.

Unfortunately, the Air Force lost a total of 18 Airmen this past summer. Private motor vehicles accounted for nine of the 18 fatalities this year, and three of those nine were from AMC. That number is one-third of the private motor vehicle fatalities. Most of these accidents could have been avoided had the members taken the time to apply personal risk management and sound decision-making.

The theme for this year’s campaign was “What Makes You Tick?” What is it that you enjoy? Is it traveling, outdoor activities, sporting events, or barbequing with friends and family? Whatever it is that makes you tick, take a few seconds to identify, assess, and mitigate all the risks associated with these activities. Too often, we overlook minor details or ignore the risks, which could lead to injuries or even death.

Although the CDS campaign has ended and the seasons have changed, hazards and risks are still present. Leaders, supervisors, and wingmen need to continue their mishap prevention efforts throughout the year and beyond. We need every Airman to stay focused and practice sound decision-making and personal risk management.

We wish you all a safe and happy New Year!