AMC Director of Safety Weapons Safety Award: TSGT Michael T. Kohrs

By Staff Writer

TSGT Michael T. Kohrs
19th Airlift Wing,
Little Rock Air Force Base, AR

TSGT Michael T. Kohrs, Wing Weapons Safety Manager, 19th Airlift Wing, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR, has received the 2021 Air Mobility Command Director of Safety Weapons Safety Award.

Kohrs led the only wing weapons safety program, oversaw 11 squadrons with zero mishaps, and guarded $1.2 billion in assets and a $510 million munitions stockpile. He mastered Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education, raised joint knowledge and operational readiness, and ingrained safety doctrine during a Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa site visit.

He managed the Air Force Safety Automated System, closed 14 inspections, and cleared two hazards.

Kohrs oversaw combat aircraft parking apron event waiver (EW), managing risk for a $2 million apron and hangar project. He published the Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya, EW plan and liaised with the Army Ground Force Commander to remove high explosives.

He facilitated the first Contingency Support Location Explosive Site Plan, analyzed explosive safety siting quantity-distance requirements, and sited 16 explosive operating locations in four countries plus six forward operating locations (FOLs).

Kohrs synchronized with the 86th Airlift Wing’s GeoBase team and supplied explosive arcs, routes, and net explosive weight for potential explosive sites. He created the first base explosive map for Air Forces Africa.

He verified the Nuclear Certified Equipment program, validated Master Nuclear Certification List status for 37 vehicles and four countries, certified $5.4 million in Africa Command assets, and had no Dull Sword reports.

Kohrs drove a Master Hazard Abatement Plan Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Council brief and executed $10.4 million in civil engineering projects.

He fixed SharePoint and synchronized weapons programs. He protected counter-violent extremist organization operations for Africa.

Kohrs fueled the wing weapons safety (SEW) program and trained 24 additional duty weapons safety representatives. He also partnered with Civil Engineer Readiness Division geographers and calculated explosive arc distances for three FOLs, synchronizing plans with SEW rules.

He revitalized the electromagnetic radiation safety survey, protecting an $8 million defensive arsenal.

Kohrs hand picked the wing risk manager and advised of threats. He enabled 3,000 safe missions, 31,000 fleet hours, and one enemy killed in action, guarding 1,500 warriors.