Travis Air Force Base, CA

By Staff Writer

THE 60th AIR MOBILITY WING (60 AMW) SAFETY OFFICE, Travis Air Force Base (AFB), CA, earned the 2022 Air Mobility Command Safety Special Achievement Award.

The team’s safety program safeguarded Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) largest wing, supporting 56 units, 403 facilities, 16,000 personnel, 58 aircraft, 27,700 flight hours, and 75.6 million pounds of cargo.

They inspected 50 units, abated 207 hazards, and guided 94 mishap reports. AMC nominated the team’s Occupational Safety Manager for the Air Force Distinguished Civilian Service Award.

The team secured Travis AFB’s largest munitions move to date with 10 million explosive assets positioned, which ensured President Joe Biden’s requirement was met in support of Ukraine.

They perfected the wing’s Bird/Wildlife Strike Hazard program and teamed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Maintenance Group to develop a custom forward-looking infrared mount for enhanced night operations, ensuring safety of flight for 2,600 missions.

They readied the “Gateway to the Pacific” by developing permits for 110 explosives site plans to store 1.1 million pounds of explosives and 8.4 million pounds of munitions cargo.

The team wrote a fall protection guide, which provided guidance to seven squadron commanders and trained 14 unit safety representatives. They ensured compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, and AMC ultimately adopted the program.

The wing advised Travis AFB’s major accident response exercise, teamed with seven agencies, and evaluated 45 items and 80 total force members’ capabilities. They validated the joint emergency response for the Travis Air Show. They also developed a safety intern program by teaming with the Air Force Personnel Center to onboard occupational safety interns.

The team oversaw a chronic back injury study with assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The findings of the study resulted in the redesigning of equipment and a long-term VA claim reduction.