Military Spouse and Family Appreciation


Not all heroes wear capes…or uniforms! Supporting a loved one in Air Mobility Command (AMC) can be quite the feat. The support given to each Airman is support for our entire nation. This article serves as a “thank you” to the strong men, women, and children who bolster the success of our military.

When speaking with individuals whose loved ones are in the military, many obstacles were discussed. One of the biggest difficulties is the heartbreaking time away. When a spouse is deployed for long periods, it can be very hard on those at home and away. When kids are growing like weeds, making the sacrifice can be painful. Often, loneliness comes along with missing out—all in addition to frequent moves, juggling obligations and navigating situations without a loved one present, and overall hard work and effort.

However, military families combat these challenges and roll with every punch. Therefore, we would like to thank them for their resiliency, their grit, and their heart. They build a strong foundation for our Airmen, and they deserve appreciation.

Additionally, this article serves to highlight the resources available to military families. Sharene Brown, the wife of Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) Gen C.Q. Brown, created the “Five & Thrive” initiative to improve the quality-of-life challenges our Air and Space Force families face in five focus areas: childcare, education, healthcare, housing, and spouse employment.

According to, “Mrs. Brown has accompanied her husband on 20 assignments around the globe. Raised in a military family, she is an avid supporter of active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Reserve Airmen and their families. She understands the valuable contributions of a military spouse to the Air Force.”

Brown’s Thrive Team, a diverse group of spouses, publishes a monthly CSAF Spouse Situation Report and created an informational resource guidebook, Thrive: An Educational and Inspirational Guide for Today’s Air and Space Force Spouse, which is available on the website and the AF Connect App.

The 76 active duty Airman and Family Readiness Centers are among the resources available to spouses. These centers support nearly 1.7 million Airmen and families, with programs and services in 15 core areas. The centers enhance mission readiness and strengthen communities by helping families adapt to the challenges and demands of the Air Force way of life. The centers also offer proactive, preventive, and remedial services that encourage self-sufficiency and sustain the personal and family readiness of the Total Force. Information and education are offered on many aspects of family life and personal growth, as well as assessment counseling and referrals.

A parental resource is each installation’s school liaison officer. The school liaison (SL) serves as the installation point of contact and subject matter expert for all local military child education matters by being committed to outreach, advocacy, and partnership. SLs provide support in educational issues such as transferring schools, registration, graduation requirements, academic planning, schooling options, enrollment, records transfer, curriculum requirements, and available programs. SLs also offer support in parental absence challenges, special education, deployment, and frequent moves. SLs can assist schools with support for military students in transition, understanding deployments and their effect on students, and learning the military culture and lifestyle. They encourage relationships between schools, military families, the military installation, and the community. SLs educate parents on the local school system policies, procedures, and schedules. They create opportunities for workforce preparation, citizenship, and leadership development.

Another resource, Heart Link, is an Air Force-wide spouse orientation program for spouses of less than five years and those new to a duty station. Heart Link is geared toward strengthening families and enhancing mission readiness. Funded by the Air Force Aid Society, the purpose is to increase the spouse’s awareness of the USAF mission, customs, traditions, protocol, acronyms, and available community support resources.

If you are an Airman, do not neglect to show appreciation to your loved ones—their sacrifice for the family unit is a sacrifice for the entire nation. If you are a military spouse or family member, you are appreciated. Your support aids countless missions and helps AMC achieve its mission of “Rapid Global Mobility … Right Effects, Right Place, Right Time!”