TSgt Kevin Baker from the 726th Air Mobility Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, proactively addressed safety concerns at the squadron’s de-ice refill station. Baker’s attention to detail led him to discover excessive rust on a movable stair platform that granted access to a service port—the rust impaired stair articulation capability and rendered the servicing station unusable. Through prompt intervention, Baker employed his superior mechanical knowledge and skills to restore the platform with locally procured lubricants and mechanical adjustments, which saved the Air Force more than $140,000 in repair expenses. His forward-looking approach ensured platform users could reach optimal height adjustment during vehicle servicing operations and secured three Wings’ winter operations readiness posture. In addition to mitigating a significant financial loss, Baker streamlined de-icing techniques, tactics, and procedures by enhancing platform capabilities, designing a recommended change for the fill arm stowage point, and conserving 2,250 gallons of locally procured Glycol. His leadership enabled more than 80 de-icing actions and 340 sorties for C-17s, C-5s, KC-135s, and Transient Alert aircraft, all supporting efforts for five COCOMs. Furthermore, Baker advised the 721st Air Mobility Operations Group Command Team through the closure of a significant deficiency directly related to the fall protection of the de-icing refill station. His expertise steered the rewrite of the unit’s Job Safety Training Outline and supplemented the preventative measures about the refill station. Baker’s efforts eliminated a Code III Critical Risk Assessment Code, preventing significant property damage or personnel injury. Baker’s exemplary efforts reflect his unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and cost-effective solutions, making him a valuable asset to his unit and the Air Force. His actions have improved operational efficiency and enhanced the safety and well-being of the 726th Air Mobility Squadron.